Gail's Recipes

Chicken Cacciatore a la Dutton Ranch Chardonnay
Although chicken cacciatore is traditionally made with tomatoes, my mother, Edith Rocco, would make this dish with mushrooms, garlic and fresh rosemary and plenty of good local Chardonnay only. Frequently an hors d’oeuvres item, created with chicken drummettes, Mom used a chardonnay which was more “user friendly” than a more typical red wine, for those balancing an hors d’oeuvres plate on their knees! I now make an entrée version using a whole, cut-up fryer, and, of course, one of the many great Dutton chards – in this case the Dutton-Goldfield Dutton Ranch Chardonnay. Serve this with rice pilaf or curly pasta (to catch the cooking juices) and lots of good Dutton Ranch Chardonnay!

Apple Prune Cake
This very moist cake combines two ingredients that played a key role in the agricultural history of the Dutton Family – prunes and Gravenstein apples. In 1881 the first Warren Dutton planted prunes in Sonoma County, and Gravensteins apple trees soon followed. Many of the apple trees still being harvested are well over 80 years old.

Noni's Late Harvest Wine Cake
My mother, Edith Rocco, known affectionately as “Noni” to Steve and Joe, was a great cook and a fan of this easy, rich. holiday-worthy cake. Of course, when the boys were young, Noni would add the more available Sherry or typical Italian dessert wine Marsala.. Now that I’m the “Noni” i.e. Grandma, of the family, I have the luxury of excellent late harvest wines produced with Dutton grapes – specifically from Joe and Tracy’s winery, Dutton Estate. The “Sweet Sisters” late harvest wine, made from either Zinfandel or French Colombard, is named for Joe and Tracey’s daughters, three of my four granddaughters, Kyndall, Kylie and Karmen Isabella.

Cabbage and Dutton Ranch Apple Slaw
This healthy salad can be as simple or as sophisticated as the occasion calls for! For easy family meals, I use packaged cabbage slaw from the grocery store, cross-cut celery slices and chop the apples quickly in the food processor. I combine the cottage cheese, mayo and vinegar in the same food processor and toss with the slaw. When using for a dinner party, cut the celery and apples into fine julienne strips, puree the cottage cheese and mayo until smooth, thin with a little more apple cider vinegar and water and garnish with toasted walnuts. I like to use a red or pink fleshed apple to add just a touch of color.